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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Its time I blogged again...

Hello friends old and new,

Do you know, I think a blog is something you are meant to do regularly and as I don't I wonder if I can still call this a blog?  I don't care. I'm doing it anyway.

I have had a lot happening in the last six months or more since my last entry. Some sad stuff and some happy looking forward to the future stuff. Anyway, here I am ready to write again.

I've started a new job, its a permanent job this time, part time, term time only job at a local university. So far, one week in, I'm very happy to be there. Happy to be a worker again, happy with the environment and colleagues. Happy to escape from my two year old daughter who is refining her tantrums to an art form as we speak.

However, I cannot help but wonder when the new job honeymoon will be over and what will cause it. I'm terrible like that, wondering when the train of doom will arrive at my station.... You know the situation, right now its all smiles and handshakes, but soon it will be all stroppy emails and sitting in the canteen on your jack jones, wondering what the other mums are doing at Music Mayhem toddler class. Oh, yes, they're probably doing the Okey Cokey now...wish I was there...

The funny thing about the new job is, that its in a uni in my local area I've been familiar with since my teens. I first heard Nirvana's Teen Spirit played at a disco in the Student Union bar there, I was probably fifteen, it was probably a week night I know exactly which friend I was there with. I think I'd have been wearing all black and I think I'd have strained a muscle in my neck by violently tossing my hair about in an attempt to "headbang".   What a twat I was then.  Much wiser now obviously.

I suspect I falsely claimed I was over 18 to get in and to subsequently buy a pint (yes pint, I'm 4,11" for christsakes) of Snakebite and Black which was god, I can't believe I'm saying this Cider, Lager and Blackcurrant. If my daughter EVER drinks a concoction like that I will be mortified!!!

Anyway, as a result there is some deep dark part of me that feels by being there again at the age of 36, I have reconnected with my youth a bit.   I suppose, to start with,  its at odds with the highly polished, tightly buttoned corporate world I've been used to working in, and so, its somewhat free-ing for that reason.  Maybe that is all it is.  Who knows. I'll let you know if I start buying "Red Hot Chilli Pepper" tshirts or tie dying my jeggings and buying Doc Martens again. Early mid life crisis anyone?  Watch this space.


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