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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Keeping up appearances..

Hello All,

So, we're over the first few weeks of January, I'm still a bit low on energy and enthusiasm, but feeling a bit better than I did.

Something that I think about a fair bit on and off and I'll bet you do too, is what I look like when I leave the house these days.  I've had 30 odd years of stories bombarding me about the fact that when you become a mother your appearance goes right down the list of importance and you end up looking like some sort of baby-food covered bag lady; your figure has gone to hell, you have terrible hair, no make up, dark circles and bags under your eyes. On top of that your fashion sense takes a dive and you wear comfy, practical clothes and shoes instead of pretty, sexy or smart ones.

I have been lucky enough to be part of a new mums group during the first year of my daughter's life. So, taking those ladies into account, I'd say that this is completely untrue. We all re-gained our figures, some did better than that (Nuff respect Miss Pett) and when we meet once a week we all look washed, groomed and distinctly un-bag ladyish. In fact, of everyone, I'm probably the scruffiest. I have always been one that goes for comfort over fashion I'm afraid.

How about my more seasoned mum friends? Nope. They always look good too, everyone has their own interpretation of style; smart jeans and flattering cardi's, sporty, the Ugg boot crowd or Gok-tastic hourglass dresses and waist cinching belts. So where has this bloody label come from?

Why do I critically look at myself in the mirror with the three nano seconds I have before leaving the house and think, "people will see I'm a mum and judge me for letting myself go..." or worse, they won't judge you at all and you'll just be written off as a woman completely. "She doesn't need to dress up, she's a mum now.."

And what about our partners? The daddy's? I wonder what they really think. They used to have a carefree partner who had time (and money) to spend on her appearance, and now, not so much! It's a good day when you remember to check your top for stains, before you leave the house....

So, what's the answer? I have thought about this a bit. It's having an eye for (or shopping buddy with an eye for) a few good wardrobe items, tops and trousers that will look smart. Its convenient beauty products that work well and don't cost the earth and it's most definitely, having a baby that naps once a day for about an hour, allowing you to spend a bit of time on yourself... And of course if you are at work all day, then you'll have to make sure you do a bit of pampering in the evenings once the kids are in bed. Just Sky Plus that telly programme and watch it later....

My top three time savers/beauty life savers:

- Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask - five minutes on in the bath or shower = lovely skin.

- Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat – miracle under eye stuff

- A good pair of hair straighteners, will turn unruly crap hair into something presentable.

If you've got any good ones, please let me know in the comment box!

Thanks for reading my drivel and look out for the new entry soon.


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year Blues

Hello all,
Happy new year friends.  I hope you had a great time whatever you got up to.

I personally have never been that big on going out on n.y.e, all the cab hassle and paying to get in to a pub that you go to all the time for free - I find it's usually a bit of a let down. 

Then, horrors, the week following New Year, does tend to be, at least for me and some of the folks I've been talking to, a bit of a downer in general.  Lots of build up to Christmas, lovely presents and family gatherings, parties and going out with mates. Then, bam! a big gaping hole and zero cash - because you got paid on 20th December or whatever and now you are beyond skint till...well....ages.  It leaves people feeling a bit deflated I think. 

It's freezing cold and dark outside, there is no social stuff happening (unless you work for a cheap skate company who do the xmas party in January to save money).  You wonder; what will I do this year, what shall I aim for?  Where am I going in life....?

So, how do we abate the January blues, I hear you ask? 
A couple of possible answers I have thought of:
-If you are a girl (or a man with no shame) - apply fake tan, makes you feel and look thinner and better looking. I recommend Loreal Bronzer. No muss, no fuss.
-Make some holiday plans or at the very least a weekend away to look forward to. I have my beloved VW Beetle festival, Bug Jam in July - horray! Thanks to a benevolent friend buying my ticket as half birthday/half chrimbo present.
-Make some resolutions, maybe go on a detox or a diet, eating all that processed and crap food won't be helping your moods.
-Lastly, (deep breath..) have some s.e.x. Those who know me, know I don't talk about all that stuff too much, however I honestly believe it cheers you up, keeps you de-stressed and living in the moment.  So, if you can safely and healthily do that, then I highly recommend it to pass the cold January nights.

Having said all this if you are single/having a dry spell or if your partner is crap in bed and all that is best avoided, then chocolate and wine it is...(forget the detox).

In terms of my other promises in previous entries, I haven't tried anything new yet (Zumba DVD gathering dust on the shelf) and I haven't discovered a cure for under eye dark circles and bags.  Although I can tell you one thing - Loreal Youth Code under eye stuff - does not work.  I got it for Christmas and so far I don't look young and fresh faced. Drat!!!