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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

We've only just begun..

Well, here it is after about 2 or 3 minutes deliberating over the look of my blog, I am writing my first entry.

What will I write about?  I might start by writing about last night. I went to the cinema with my good buddy L.R. We saw Twilight - Breaking Dawn.  It was a brilliant film, but also it gave me that weird feeling, something I haven't had for a while actually, I used to get it loads when I was younger, the film gets inside me, it gets in my head and I feel like I'm actually in the movie for a second, its a strange buzz and I'm probably not really articulating it well.  I guess its escapism.  It did renew my enthusiasm to write, because in parallel, aforementioned buddy also lent me "A tiny bit marvellous" by Dawn French. Great read, very funny and quite an unremarkable story, but brilliant escapism.  That is why those of us who want to write, bother to write I think. That, and also because we want a castle like the one JK Rowling has got. Not much to ask is it?
Right, baby has been obediantly napping for over an hour, I'd better go and wake her for lunch.

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